I have only stated that Holy Quran does not prescribe any political system, neither Sunni Khilafat nor Shia Imamat.

As for formation of govt by exalted Prophet (pbuh) is concerned, no piece of land can be without political establishment even for a single moment.It was but natural for the Prophet to assume political power . None can be heir to Prophet’s legacy.

Hazrat Abu Bakr was elected to lead Muslim nation by consensus of people.The idea of consensus and Shura must have been theoretically extended by the subsequent thinkers and Ulema. Had they done it Democratic principles should have certainly developed among Muslims instead of Christians of Europe.

It is already very late for Muslims to implement democratic form of govt formation , change of rulers and enacting laws to govern state.Had we adopted these principles say only 50 years ago the world should have been a better place for ordinary Muslim.