Must read: Short History of Mulayam Singh and his Samajwadi Party

Mr Mulayam started with Chodhri Charan Singh, betrayed him & joined VP Singh. Then Mr Mulayam Yadav betrayed him (VP Singh) & joined Mr Chandrshekhar. Then Mr Mulayam betrayed him (Chandrshekhar) & joined hands with Rajiv Gandhi.

Then betrayed him (Mr Rajiv Gandhi) also & joined hands with BSP to b CM of alliance & then betrayed Ms Mayawati too – in rather a gory way & UPites can never ever forget Guest House episode against Ms Mayawati.

Mr Mulayam promised support to Sonia Gandhi in 1999, then ditched her at the last moment. And in 2002, he (Mr Mulayam) opposed People Front’s Presidential candidate despite being its part & supported NDA’s Dr APJ Abul Kalam. In 2008, he (Mr Mulayam) ditched Third Front at the last moment & supported Nuclear Deal. And in 2008, Mr Mulayam opposed Pranab Mukherjee’s candidature for President’s post & announced his preferences for Mr Somnath Chatarji, Dr Manmohan Singh & Dr APJ Abul Kalam in a joint press conference with Ms Mamta Banerjee. Soon after meeting Ms Sonia Gandhi, ditched Ms Mamta & supported Pranab Mukherjee. And in 2015, he first allied with RJD-JDU-Congress Grand Alliance against BJP in Bihar & ditched the TRIO at the last moment to support BJP in an indirect way by fielding his own party’s candidates in almost all constituencies against Grand Alliance’s efforts to defeat RSS supported BJP in the State of Bihar.

Can any neutral, SOCIO-SECULAR, matured & responsible man do like this in the interests of socialism, SECULARISM etc ???

It’s some JOKE or what ???