About Prof. Ariful Islam

9676Dr. Arif Ul Islam is working as Professor ,Department of Statistics and OR , AMU Aligarh  since 2006. He has taught at various Universities ,such as Basrah University Iraq, during the Saddam Husein -Khomeini war. He has lectured at Benghazi University during Col Qaddafi’s repressive regime for two years and also worked as Lecturer at University of Kashmir ,during turmoil period in late 80’s.

Prof Arif Ul Islam’s well researched and highly reviewed book about the works and ideas of Sir Syed Ahmad and Abul Kalam Azad entitled ‘SIR SYED AZAD AUR HINDUSTANI MUSALMAN’. He has also Authored  a highly acclaimed novel in Urdu ATATURK FI KARBALA.

His  recent novel ‘CONFLICT ZONES’ is Very Popular. The novel is the story of a university teacher who happens to teach at various universities in the Muslim world which explains different shades of conflicts between interested groups and parties going on in India,Iraq,Libya and Egypt. It sheds light on the controversy between rational and dogmatic Islam.During Iran-Iraq war the author happens to teach at Basra University Iraq.The savagery of the crimes against humanity by both the Iranian revolutionary army and Iraqi inland security agencies have been described through real life incidents.

Besides the nature of Col Qaddafi’s repressive regime has been explained as experienced by the author during his stint as a professor at Benghazi University in Libya. As an Indian ,the author delves into the controversy of the causes of partition of the subcontinent between India and Pakistan.The author also throws insight into the on going communal clashes between Muslim and Hindu communities.

Dr. Arif Ul Islam has also authored about 40 research papers in Statistics and successfully guided 7 Ph.D. programmes.


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